EVZ(Electric Vehicle Zone/Zero carbon/Zed) is an Electric Vehicle Charge Sharing Infrastructure Platform that automatically connects chargers in idle time and electric vehicle users to provide mutual value and solve energy issues.

Solve Lack of Charger

Convert existing personal charger to a shared one


Solve Occupation Problem

By Cryptocurrency Incentive/Penalty


Roaming for Charger Platform

With Roaming Platform based on Blockchain Technology,


Encourage Clean Energy

Give Incentive to charging/transporting with Renewable Energy



By EV Charger sharing platform, EVZ solves a lack of charger and pursue a shared economy among users. By Blockchain based platform, EVZ leads the decentralized green energy industry.



The Transparent, reliable Platform for sharing private chargers which enables integrated charging that works with existing chargers.



With EVZ, the incentive in shared economy of charging, every individual acts as a role of a charge operator, a charge service user, a power generator,,,etc. without intermediate.


The EVZ coin serves as a reward for using the charging service on the EVZ platform.

The users can use every operator’s chargers just by registering in EVZ, the integrated platform. And by registering in EVZ, the charger owner can easily share own personal charger and get reward.


2018 Q4

Token Sale, EVZ Platform Trial and Verification

2019 Q1

EVZ applied to Electric Vehicle Manufacturers and Home-charger Sharing Businesses

2019 Q2

EVZ applied to existing infrastructure

2019 Q3

EVZ applied to new Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure. Trials in Global market

2019 Q4

EVZ platform expansion abroad to offer free energy trade solution to energy-lacking countries

2020 Q2

V2B implemented, Electric Vehicle Power sale platform implemented

2020 Q4

V2X implemented, Building Power supply and sale platform implemented

2021 Q1

Virtual Power-plant (VPP) platform implemented

2021 Q3

Power resale, expansion through P2P platform


choi yongk suk

Young-suk Choi

Director | 최영석

He is director of EVZ team and CEO of CHARZIN. He is an expert in converging vehicle and IT services such as motor sports engineering, development of vehicle diagnostic devices, and is analyzing accident records. He is trying to solve inconvenience of charging that he experienced as Seoul City's first electric vehicle user in 2015.

- Director of KEVUA
- Adjunct Professor of Smart Automotive Engineering at Sunmoon Univ
- Expert committeeman of Convergence research institute for Forensic Safety
- Advisor of accident recording device (EDR) at the National Police Agency
- EV division and investment attraction adviosr of Daegu Metropolitan City
- Advisor of smart city at LH

choi woong chul

Woong-chul Choi

CIO | 최웅철(Dan Choi)

He is a professor of automotive engineering at Kookmin University and CIO of EVZ team. He is actively conducting various research activities on Mobility Solution using eco-friendly energy and next-generation Transport Electronics. In particular, he is focusing a lot of research and attention on finding a business model that can foster a natural development of the eco-friendly transport system.

choi young ho

Young-ho Choi

CFO | 최영호

He is CFO of EVZ team. Since 2007, he had served as the head of Samsung China Financial Team and served as vice president of Samsung China. And he played a role in supporting Samsung Group's financial business in China. He also had performed many foreign cooperation works with Chinese government officials.

Kim Chul-soo

Chul-soo Kim

COO | 김철수

He is COO of EVZ team. He has lots of experience in a variety of automotive-related fields, including designing, interpreting, testing and manufacturing of vehicle parts and systems. He had served as the head of Hyundai Mobis' North American factory and vice president of its manufacturing operations in South Korea.

Kang Bum-su

Bum-suk Kang

CTO | 강범석

He is the director of Research Institute for Technology Development at CHARZIN and the general manager of EVZ Development. He is a developer with majored computer science at Yonsei University. And he has been only walking in one field. He has many experience in developing and operating services in many areas, including remote control systems and mobile network provider solutions, finance, construction, production, distribution, ERP. He currently has operating and developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure services.

Byun Sung-yong

Sung-yong Byun

CSO | 변성용

He is the system administrator of CHARZIN's SI and automotive project and he is also the system administrator of the EVZ. For the past 20 years, he has worked in various fields of automobiles including powertrains, electric fields, aftermarket and vehicle network. He is also an journalist who writes car-related articles to on/off line media.

Woong Sung

Woong Sung

Developer | 성웅

He has been involved in SI projects in various fields for more than 20 years. Currently, he is a server developer of CHARZIN EVZ electric car charging platform and is also in charge of EVZ project server development. He has been developing programs since he was 9 years old, and he is a pure developer who has only come a long way. He is a veteran who has accumulated knowledge and acumen in various IT fields such as server and network.

Dohyun Kim

Do-hyun Kim

Developer | 김도현

He is an mobile software engineer. He is charge of developing mobile version of EVZ project and has carried out mobile game development for more than 10 years since he was a feature phone user. He got the best award for '2nd of Samsung Innovation Technology Business Council' for developing many applications that were commercialized using NFC technology. Currently, He is operating and managing electric vehicle charging platform mango app of He is the director of Research Institute for Technology and POSCO ICT's ChargEV app.

Hyunjun Kim

Hyun-jun Kim

Engineer | 김현준

He is an engineer who majored in electric vehicle system and Eco & High safety motor at EV System LAB of Kookmin University. He has the experience of EMS Calibration at AVL Korea Technical Center and did many national electric vehicle-related projects such as Ministry of Land, Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. He is the planner with an electric vehicle engineer and service of the EVZ project.

Hee Jang

Hee Jang

Engineer | 장희

He majored in car management. He has many license related to vehicles such as automobile industry drivers /automobile maintenance operators /car diagnostic assessors /EDR analysts. And he is currently carrying out vehicle diagnosis/defect analysis work in the automobile field. In particular, He is focusing on the electric vehicle field of the EVZ project and currently conducting the National Police Agency traffic survey /engineering analysis EDR education activities.


Jae-goo Parkn

Jae-goo Park


He is the advisor of EVZ project. He served as a spokesman for Kim Doo-kwan, a former governor of Gyeongsangnam-do, as well as a special adviser to Won Hee-ryong, a former governor of Jeju Special Self-governing Province. As a former special policy advisor for Jeju Island, he is studying policies for future growth engines in Korea and measures for policy research and deregulation to revitalize Blockchain. He is also a member of the Korea Science Foundation, working hard to support basic science and to find future technologies.

Giorgio Rizzoni

Giorgio Rizzoni

지오르지오 리쪼니

He is the advisor of the EVZ project. As a chair professor at Ohio State University and the director of the Automotive Research Institute, he contributes a lot to the development strategy of eco-friendly energy and smart cities. And he contributes to focus on research on control strategies for eco car. He worked with the U.S. Department of Energy, including the Hybrid Driver and Control Systems (19998-2004), the Advanced Propulsion Systems (2005-2011), and the Energy Efficient Vehicles for Sustainable Mobility (2011-2016). Since January 2011, he has played a crucial role as OSU Site Director for the U.S. Department of Energy China-USA Clean Energy Research Center.